Thanks and Credits

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 The following people or groups have generously contributed
to making our fencing school what it is today. Many thanks to all of them
Wally Marks Jr. and Wally Marks III
Walter Marks Realty, Los Angeles, California
Hugh Richardson Jr. and Hugh Richardson Sr.
Richardson Realty, Atlanta, Georgia


Ted Shaw
Gainesville, FL

Matthew Linn
Columbia Café , Shreveport

Frank Fox
Los Angeles, CA

The Kessel Family
Shreveport, LA

Dr. Lester Ewing
5803 Youree Dr
Shreveport, LA 71105

(318) 869-0109

Rick LaBorde
Shreveport, LA

Dana & John Takach
Shreveport, LA

Anonymous Mom
Shreveport, LA

Dan Linkmeyer
So. Cal Fencers Supply

The Sample Family
Shreveport, LA

Sam Wallace
Shreveport, LA

The Louie Family
Shreveport, LA

The Colvin Family
Shreveport, LA

The Mooney Family
Louisiana / Maine
In Memory of
Karen MacLeod Curran

Laura Nave
Shreveport, LA

Custom Printed Products
Bossier City, LA

Joanna Wand
Ringgold, LA

Mischa Farrell, Architect
Shreveport, LA

David Gordon and C.J. Coleman

Will and Lynn Duncan

Josh Roberts

Donna Pevey

The Platt Family

The Gamble Family

The Candiloro Family

The Thornton Family

Rob Madrill
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Gail MacQueston
Santa Fe, New Mexico



Cleveland 2004 Junior Olympics Trip
Thanks to the following for their donations
Ed Crawford
Jay Murrell
Ronald J. Miciotto, Attorney at Law
And we would like to thank all of the Fairfield and
Magnet Parents who helped make our trip possible.

Work Party
Thanks to the people that came and help work on the new floor!!
Steve Glover
Mischa Farrell
Kevin McCarthy
Jeff Smith
Bobby Thornton
Rob Candiloro
Terry, Jessica and Steffi Gamble
The Mooneys
The Platts
Doug Smith and Cathy Stone
The McCunes
Lester Ewing
Stacey and Philip Hand
Sam Hunt
Rick Hock
Don Webb
We had a good time and accomplished a lot.