Meet Our Fencers

Kian Webb

Imazyn Mitchell

Dr. Lester Ewing has been fencing with us for 18 years

Rhiannon Dykes begins her senior year at Capt. Shreve in 2019

Elliot and Griffin Kerouac

Khajuan Love

James and Ethan Giddens

James Giddens

Aidan and Luc Welch

Garrett Butler learned to fence at CMM under Nathan Glassy and now trains with Andy at Fairfield

Nicholas Sutherland drilling with Cayden Veuleman

William Brice is beginning his 8th year fencing at the outset of the 2019-2020 season. He attends Magnet and specializes in saber

Hunter Sadler attends Calvary Baptist Academy

Ike and Zeb Bellemin

Nathan Utter fences foil

Elliot Hemstreet and Grace Bodily

Adriana Martin is starting 7th grade at Southfield School 2019

Pierson Phillips fences saber at Loyola

Garrett Schember and Jason Hall

Cayden Veuleman is starting CMM 2019

Jeremiah Pettway lives in Vivian

Katie and Khadija Karim

Dixon Lasseigne fences foil and is one of our lefties

Kimberley Harris fencing foil

Jenna Kimball and her mom

Sequoia Burton fences saber and foil

Blair King
Blair King fences foil

Brant Lewis fences all three weapons and Victora Davis fences epee and saber

Nathan Utter
Hugo Cuellar fences saber

Nevan and Noah Chico
Nevan and Noah Chico both fence saber

Lauren Stroupe
Lauren Stroupe fences foil and goes to Haughton

Jonathan and Abraham
Abraham and Jonathan playing chess

Katie Jacobsen is home schooled currently in the 7th grade

Chase Scott lives in Marshal, Texas and finished the 2019 season in second place!

Jonathan Fore attends Airline HS and competes in foil and epee

Keegan and Logan McQueen both fence foil and saber

Anna Owings graduation from Southfield school 2019

Holden Larremore fences foil and epee

Walker Mullins earned his E-rating and is the 2019 Ark-La-Tex Jr Olympic champion

2003 Fairfield Youth Tournament

Youth Tournament 2003
CJ Coleman, Philip Hand, Henry Bohn and Steff Gamble

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2004 Rose Condon

January 31st – February 1, 2004
Fairfield and Magnet fencers compete in the Rose Condon Memorial

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2006 Junior Tournament Winners

Winners of our Junior Tournament in 2006
(L to R) Waverly Hock, Emily Pierce, Zach Harris, John Michael Davis, Patrick Davis, Hammond Lake

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2006 La State Champs Ackley & Ewing

Two Louisiana State champions: Elise Ackley (now at Millsaps) and Daniel Ewing (now at Centenary)

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Ackley and Everest

Elise Ackley and Courtney Everest at the 2005 Junior Olympics

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Albert, Patrick


Patrick Albert learned to fence during the 7th grade at Southfield School with a broken arm….he now fences saber with a healthy arm as a senior at Caddo Magnet High. He intends to fence for the Centenary Fencing Team in the fall of 2009.

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Alost and Davis

Wesley Davis and Melissa Alost

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Alost, Horan, Vea

(left to right) Emily Horan, Melissa Alost and Isabelle Vea accepting their foil awards at the Fairfield 2008 camp. All 3 will be attending Magnet High in August.

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Atkins, Josh


Josh Atkins graduated from Caddo Magnet High School, and then moved on to Centenary. He is known for speed and sportsmanship.

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Atkins, Stephen

Stephen Atkins fences all 3 weapons and is seen here waiting for the fencing camp to begin.

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Bass, Connor

Connor Bass, won Gold in Ark La Miss division under 16 men’s saber, and silver in under 14 men’s saber, May 2009

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Brown, Atkins, White

Carter Brown, Trevor Atkins and Christopher White receive foil awards at the 2008 Fairfield Summer Camp.

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Brown, Dr. Mark and Carter

Dr. Mark Brown and his son Carter. Dr. Brown is a pediatric surgeon and Carter is a member of the Southfield School Fencing Team. Both fence saber and foil.

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Burford, John


John Burford graduated from Magnet and then headed to fence epee with the Princeton University Tigers.  He has fenced with our club since the 7th grade.

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Campbell and Davis

Saber fencers Thomas Campbell from Byrd Highschool and Wesley Davis from Loyola.

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Caruthers and Mooney

Patrick Mooney won multiple Junior Olympic ttles in foil and saber and is a student at LSU. Clara Caruthers won the women’s foil Junior Olympics and is a freshman at Stanford University.

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Coburn, Malari

Malari Coburn is co-captain of the newly formed Centenary College Fencing Team and is a graduate of Airline High in Bossier City.

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Coleman, C.J.

C.J. Coleman is now a student at LSU.

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Collins, Christina

Christina Collins is Fairfield’s Fencer of the Year for 2008. She won 3 gold medals at the 2008 Ark-La-Miss Division Championships and US National qualifiers and swept the Women’s Saber titles en route to earning her “E” rating. Christina is the first middle school fencer to earn her rating in this division.

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Collins, Matthew

Matthew Collins will be a junior at Magnet High and has been fencing epee for 6 years. He earned an E rating at a tournament in Baton Rouge in the Spring of 2008.

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Colvin, Kira

Kira Colvin was the Junior Olympic Saber Champion and is now attending Temple University.

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Craig, Hayden


Hayden Craig is an exceptional young foil fencer.

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Davis and Touchstone

Wallace Touchstone and Wesley Davis both learned to fence while attending St. Mark’s. Both young men specialize in saber.

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Dawson and Heilman

Chris Dawson and Jarrod Heilman after a bout at Fairfield….both fenced for Magnet High.

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Driskill and Mathis

Sarah Jane Driskill will be an 8th grader at Middle Magnet in the fall of 2008 specializing in epee. Fellow Middle Magnet fencer Phillip Mathis fences saber.

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Duncan, Will

Will Duncan has been the Jr. Olympic Champion in foil, epee and saber!  He graduated from Byrd Highschool in ’08 and moved on to LSUS.

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Dunlap, Brocato, Haynes

Stuart Dunlap (Middle Magnet) Dylan Brocato (Southfield) and James Haynes (St. Mark’s) receiving Sportsmanship awards at 2008 Fairfield Camp.

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Everest, Courtney

Fairfield’s Courtney Everest fenced foil and epee. She now attends Hendrix College.

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Ewing and Johnson

Gregory Ewing (epee) and Hannah Johnson (saber)

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Ewing Family


(l to r) Gregory Ewing, Daniel Ewing, Channing Ewing and Lester Ewing.

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Ewing, Gamble, and Thornton

Lester Ewing, Terry Gamble, Bobby Thornton win the Ark-la-Miss Division Championships

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Fahrenkrug, Sarah

Sarah Fahrenkrug attends Cope Middle School and enjoys fencing saber.

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Fairfield Fencer of the Year

Fairfield Fencer of the Year 2011 – 2008

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Farrell and Johnson

Mischa Farrell fences foil and epee and owns her own architectural firm (MISCHA FARRELL, ARCHITECT) in Shreveport talking to Neil Johnson (one of her clients from Neil Johnson Photography) Neil is Hannah Johnson’s dad.

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Foy, Amanda


Amanda Foy

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Funk, Gerhardt

Gerhardt Funk is starting his senior year at Loyola and trains in epee.

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Gieseke, Matthew

Matthew Gieseke won the gold medal in the saber competition at our summer camp.Matthew attends Middle Magnet.

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Hand and Phillips: Jr. Olympic Champions

Jr. Olympic Champions from Southfield School.

Philip Hand (left) and Michael Phillips at the Jr. Olympics.  Philip was the Under-17Junior Olympic Saber champion and Michael was the Under-17 and Under-20 Junior Olympic Epee champion.
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Harb, Hirsch, and Hirsch

Michael Harb, Chris Hirsch and Michael Hirsch receive honors at the Fairfield Youth Tournament.

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Hennigan, Payne

Payne Hennigan is a foil fencer at Magnet high. He started fencing epee with Andy at St. Mark’s 6 years ago.

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Hock, Amanda


Amanda Hock

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Hock, Diana


Diana Hock qualified for the 2008 US Junior Olympics in both saber and foil.

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Hock, William


William Hock

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Horan, Alost, Vea, Wiener

Emily Horan, Melissa Alost, Isabelle Vea and Katie Wiener all have just graduated from Southfield School where they are were introduced to fencing. Emily, Melissa and Isabelle plan to continue fencing at Magnet while Katie will fence at Loyola in the 2008-9 season.

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Horan, Emily

Emily Horan learned to fence at Southfield School and specializes in foil…and she’s a lefty.

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Hudson, Mills, and Johnson

Epeeists Chris Hudson, Zac Mills and Chris Johnson take the honors at the Fairfield summer camp of 2008.

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Hunt, Miller, Pumphrey

Former Magnet High saber champion, Sam Hunt (left) is an electrician in Shreveport. Mark Miller is a senior at Magnet who specializes in saber. Brendan Pumphrey is a 3-weapon fencer who started fencing in the 3rd grade while at Riverside Elementary. He will be at Caddo Middle Magnet in the fall.

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Johansen, Christian

Christian Johansen studies saber at Fairfield Fencing.

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Johnson and Wert

Chris Johnson (Magnet High foil, saber, and epee fencer) posed with left-hander Hunter Wert. Hunter learned to fence at the Winter Garden Fencing Academy near Orlando, Florida. Hunter lives there and in Shreveport as her dad is a Prop Master in the film industry. Hunter is training to do just the same as her dad. She has just turned 14.

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Khare, Michelle

Michelle Khare is the current Arkansas-Louisiana-Mississippi Cadet Foil champion. She attended Magnet High.
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