Coach Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw, Owner of Fairfield Avenue School of Fencing, as well as the official historian for the US Fencing Association. Andy is also the operator of the Museum of American Fencing, the most extensive private collection of fencing memorabilia in the country. The Junior Program classes are taught by Andy with the assistance of other coaches and experienced students.

Born in midtown Manhattan in 1950, Shaw lived next door to fencing Olympian Edward Vebell. Vebell asked Csaba Elthes, who had just begun teaching at Giorgio Santelli’s club in Greenwich Village, if he would be willing to take on a young boy. Csaba gave the 8-year-old a few trial lessons – if Andy showed competitive talent, he would keep him – and the rest is history.

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Coach Nathan Glassy

Nathan Glassy received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Northwestern State University where he studied Timpani and composition. He is currently the teacher of Gifted and Talented music for several schools in Shreveport including Caddo Middle Magnet and Eden Gardens. Nathan began fencing in 2013 while finishing his university studies and has since competed in many tournaments at the local, regional, divisional, and national level.

At Fairfield Avenue School of Fencing, Nathan teaches private lessons and is the epee and foil instructor for the Saturday Junior Program. During the school year, he is the foil instructor for the Caddo Middle Magnet fencing program. Nathan will be continuing his formal education in January of 2017 through the Harvard Extension School’s Master’s degree program.

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