Getting Started


Everyone is invited to try a free private lesson or a free group class.
All equipment is supplied free.

Call us to schedule a private lesson or just drop in for our Junior Program.


Am I too young or too old? – We recommend fencing for anyone from age 7 through 100. No one is too old, but children under 7 are frequently too young. However every child’s development may be different.

Physically Challenged? – We can customize a safe training program that will be tailored to your specific needs.

Worried if you’re fit enough to fence? – Don’t worry! We’ll help you get in shape no matter what shape you’re in?


Your Safety is always important! See a staff member for a safety information brochure.

A note about priorities:

The Fairfield Avenue School of Fencing is dedicated to educate area residents about fencing, its customs, and its history in a stimulating, supportive and respectful surrounding.

We will encourage our students to achieve the highest level of success that THEY desire.

And we will aid our fencers in defining and redefining their goals during their evolution.

We believe that a good fencing club’s duty, among others, is to provide a challenging athletic atmosphere in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

We’re not just teaching fencing…. We’re teaching sportsmanship, caring, problem solving, stress management, the development of intuition and self esteem…. we’re teaching people about commitment and respect for those who came before us.