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USFA Historian Andy Shaw took time at the USFA Hall of Fame meeting to tell the tale of Olympian and 8 time National Champion Joe Levis. It’s a terrible case of what might have happened if Joe Levis had been allowed to fence to his full potential. It’s a West Coast Archive Story because Joe Levis earned a Silver and a Bronze medal at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

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Andy Shaw, an eccentric fencing coach, moves from New York City to the deep South. The locals view him with a mixture of suspicion and curiosity until they realize the lessons he offers extend beyond the fencing strip.

A Colorless “league” – Crossing the Color Barrier

American Fencing Magazine, Fall 2005
Article by Andy Shaw
At the founding of the USFA (called the Amateur Fencers’ League of America), the Executive Committee was formed with two members of each of five clubs in New York City.

To become a member of the “League”, a man (women could not join) had to be proposed by one member and seconded by another. The league was not going to allow professionals to prejudice their national championships. The league was populated by the “right people” in New York society.

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Andy Shaw on KTAL News

KTAL News Chanel 6 report on Andy Shaw


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Bud Greenspan’s – Athens 2004: Stories of Olympic Glory

Bud Greenspan’s – “Athens 2004: Stories of Olympic Glory”


Famed Sports Storyteller Chronicles Dramatic Stories of Seven World-Class
Athletes in Their Quest for Olympic Glory
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Canine ‘social worker’ gives strays a second chance

Canine ‘social worker’ gives strays a second chance

From The Shreveport Times
By Alison Bath • This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it • August 23, 2009

They’re mangy, dirty and diseased. They wander Shreveport’s streets hungry, disoriented and desperate. They seldom draw even the briefest glance from passersby, and when they do get attention, it’s usually from an irate home or business owner, who quickly shoos them away.

They often are viewed as the scourge of the city. Yet, they’re Andy Shaw’s best friends.

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En garde! Ancient art of sword-fighting slicing permanent place on big screen

From an article at
Web posted on: Wednesday, July 29, 1998 5:16:41 PM
Correspondent Dennis Michael

HOLLYWOOD (CNN) — As the success of “The Mask of Zorro” attests, movie audiences are fascinated by the art of swordplay, and they have been for some time. “Zorro” is merely the latest evidence of our continuing intrigue with the ancient art of face-to-face combat.

Douglas Fairbanks brought fencing’s flash to life on the big screen in 1920; Tyrone Power carried the rapier forward in 1940; and Richard Anderson and Stewart Granger’s climactic duel in the 1952 action film “Scaramouche” is hard to beat in terms of audience involvement.

Now Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones of “Zorro” are taking the ancient spectacle into the dawn of the new millennium. And the audience is drawn into their duel.

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