Where are they now?

Where are they now: Fairfield stars continue to shine!


Connor Bass graduated from Louisiana State University Shreveport with a Bachelor of Human Sciences degree and is continuing on to graduate school. 

Jakarri Kent just finished his first year of a full fencing scholarship at Cleveland State


Henry Lin 17, of Shreveport, La. received the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of $50,000. By simulating thousands of clusters of galaxies, Henry has provided scientists with valuable new data, allowing them to better understand the mysteries of astrophysics: dark matter, dark energy and the balance of heating and cooling in the universe’s most massive objects.

This year, approximately 1,600 young scientists were chosen to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. They were selected from 433 affiliate fairs in more than 70 countries, regions and territories. In addition to the winners mentioned above, more than 500 finalists received awards and prizes for their innovative research. Awards included 17 “Best of Category” winners who each received a $5,000 prize. The Intel Foundation also awarded a $1,000 grant to each winner’s school and to the affiliated fair they represent.

Lee London and his mom Diane. Lee earned his “C” rating in saber while fencing at Fairfield. Although he got injured at almost every major national tournament, he greatly enjoyed competing with our team. Lee went to college to become a pilot and is now a professional pilot and is married.

Michelle Thomas


Mrs. Thomas at Jr. Olympic qualifiers


Dorothy Hubbard went on to fence varsity epee at
Duke University and she earned her “A” rating



Bradford Johnson both trained at Fairfield and have graduated from the University of Tulsa. Bradford is an engineer for the Ford Motor Company.
Their dad, Neil Johnson took the photo.

John-Henry Crawford fenced at Fairfield for five years. studies cello at The Curtis Institute in Philadelphia:

“This year has been a whirlwind of classes, rehearsals, coachings, lessons, and the occasional bite to eat. Curtis does a great job of salvaging every drop of time available from each student to bring out their best, musically speaking. Curtis has a “Learn by doing” philosophy, so students get to squeeze oceans of musical activity into each day. For me, this has been slightly more complicated because I am still finishing up high school in addition to Curtis; however, its safe to say that the best is yet to come because after high school I can focus 100% on music.”

All the best!
-John-Henry Crawford

Kira Colvin won the Ark-La-Miss Under 17 Saber title while she attended Magnet

Philip Hand graduated from La Tech and lives in Denver.

Doug Smith is a cameraman for films in the Shreveport area, Josh Steed attends La Tech

Luke Addison attends Virginia Tech


Payne Hennigan fenced foil and epee with Andy for 7 years. Graduated from University of Colorado and is currently an English teacher in Japan.

Mark Miller is attending Purdue University


Christian Harrison is attending Baylor University. Christian traveled from Tyler, TX every week for fencing classes.


Anvesh Kompelli is now a doctor at the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery in Shreveport, Louisiana

Diana Hock will be fencing varsity foil at the Airforce Academy

Amanda Foy graduated from Tulane University

Quote from college-It’s my second year in the Tulane Honors program with a double major in math and Spanish. I’m fencing with Tulane and occasionally NOFC, and I’m the drummer for a local band called Curie.


Michelle Khare a big Youtuber with over one million subscribers and counting!

Chris Hirsch now attends Louisiana Tech

Philip Hand graduated from Louisiana Tech and

Michael Phillips
graduated from Stanford University


Insun Chong is a Resident Physician
and Diagnostic Radiologist in Huston, Texas


Courtney Everest fenced epee and foil.
She graduated from Hendrix College in Arkansas, and has recently returned from India


Andrea Lin studied saber at Fairfield and is headed
to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia which was chartered in 1693.


Noam Platt and girlfriend Catie….Noam has graduated from LSU’s School of Architecture and will be moving to Nashville for his first job as an architect in the summer of 2012.

what fencing has done for me:

When a duel occurs, and you look the other person in the eye right before the referee yells “fence!” you discover something about yourself. Your engagement in an age-old form of combat, even if its just for sport, lets you look inside your soul and discover who you really are, and what you can become. Fencing has given me physical and mental confidence to evaluate and take on life’s many challenges. It has enabled me to compete at a national level at many tournaments, where countless relationships have been formed. I have gained friendship, trust, and maturity through studying the art of fencing.


John Burford learned to fence with Andy while attending Southfield School in the 7th grade. He now fences on the Princeton University Epee team. (John is kneeling far right.)

Abbey Stockstill, the valedictorian of her senior class in High School, at the University of Pennsylvania. She drove from Monroe, Louisiana each Saturday for saber lessons and ended up a qualifier for the US Junior Olympics. She is the first student from Neville High School to enter the Ivy League. Abby is now in graduate school at Harvard University in Arabic and Middle Eastern studies.


William Hock graduated from the Air Force Academy and is an Officer in fighter pilot training.


Elise Ackley dominated the women in our division with multiple titles. She graduated from LSU in veterinary medicine.

Daniel Ewing won the State Highschool Epee title 3 times and also won multiple division titles. He is now in law school.

Patrick Mooney graduated from LSU in nursing.

Clara Caruthers graduated from Stanford University with honors and then married her boyfriend from Magnet High School.