Meet Our Fencers

Knight, Matthew


Matthew Knight has studied foil and epee throughout his high school days at Magnet.
He is now headed off to LSU in Baton Rouge.

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Kompelli, Anvesh


Anvesh Kompelli fences foil and epee.  Last year was his first trip to the National Junior Olympics.  He graduated from Caddo Magnet High.

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Lacy, Addison


Epee and saber star, Addison Lacy is now an LSU tiger.

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Lacy, Irish, Hand, Burford

Our fencers “sweep” the Cadet Men’s Saber category for the 2004 Jr. Olympics  (l to r)  Addison Lacy (GOLD), Jason Irish (SILVER), Philip Hand (BRONZE), John Burford (BRONZE)

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Lashley, Audrey

Audrey Lashley, a saber fencer, is a fifth grader at St. John’s who also enjoys playing tennis.

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Lin, Alex


Alex Lin attended Okaloosa Collegiate High in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He is studied saber at Fairfield for the summer of 2008.

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Lin, Andrea

Andrea Lin studies saber at Fairfield. She attends Magnet High.

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Lockhart, Natalie

Natalie Lockhart is known for her fearless attacks….she attends Magnet High.

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Logan, Dave

Dave Logan is a former Magnet High epee fencer who is married with 4 beautiful children.

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McCarthy, Kaitlin

Kaitlin McCarthy at age 11.  Kaitlin took fencing with Andy until early in 2008.  She fences at Magnet High.

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McCook, Jane


Jane McCook, a foil fencer, is an accountant with the Shreveport/Bossier Mission and an avid cyclist.

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Miciotto, Isabella

Isabella Miciotto is one of our youngest epee fencers…..she just turned 8!

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Miciotto, Sisemore, and Davis

Isabella Miciotto, Gavin Sisemore and Amanda Marie Davis at Fairfield’s Junior Program.

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Mijalis, Eleni


Eleni Mijalis is the Cadet Saber Champion for the Tri-State area. She graduated from Caddo Magnet High.

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Minner, Brocato, Webb, Lewis, Sisemore

Saber fencers Hart Minner, Dylan Brocato, Bregon Webb, Brant Lewis and Logan Sisemore at our Junior Program.

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Mooney and Ewing

Patrick Mooney and Daniel Ewing
Longhorn Open – October 25-26, 2003

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Pierce, Emily

Emily Pierce defeated Howell in the first round of the 2008 Junior Olympics.  Howell went on to win the silver medal in the Cadet Women’s Epee.  Photo by Rick Pierce

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Platt, Noam


Noam Platt

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Pounds, Ben


Fairfield Fencing’s Ben Pounds lost his life in a traffic accident in 2008. Ben, who had been working at Libby Glass, was a saber fencer who was instrumental in digitizing a significant portion of the archives for the Museum of American Fencing.   His kindness and generosity will always be with us.

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Reynolds and Lake

Kiki Reynolds (foil) is a student at LSUS and Hammond Lake (foil) will be a freshman at Magnet High.

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Skalli, Omar

Omar Skalli, born in Morocco, is a physiology professor at LSU Medical School. He learned to fence epee and foil at the Racing Club de France in Paris and went on to fence in Bonn, Germany and the University of Geneva in Switzerland. From there, Omar headed to Chicago and finally to Shreveport.

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Stockstill, Abbey


Abbey Stockstill, the valedictorian of her senior class in High School, at the University of Pennsylvania. She drove from Monroe, Louisiana each Saturday for saber lessons and ended up a qualifier for the US Junior Olympics. She is the first student from Neville High School to enter the Ivy League.

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Strickland, Sydney

Sydney Strickland travels to our club from Sibley, Louisiana. She attends Lakeside Highschool and is training in saber.

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Sumner, Christine

Christine Sumner fenced foil at New York University under the direction of Edward Alterman.  She is an Animal Care Coordinator at CHIMP HAVEN.

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Takach, Dana

Takach, Dana on the cover of SB Magazine. Photo by Daryll Chitty

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Thornton, Bobby

Bobby Thornton is a highly skilled 3-weapon fencer who earned his Bachelor’s degree from Texas A & M.  After receiving his MBA from LSU, Bobby is now developing customer-tracking software for a Casino-software company in Shreveport.

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Touchstone, Atkins, Beck

Saber fencers Wallace Touchstone, Stephen Atkins and Nate Beck receiving awards at the 2008 Fairfield Fencing Camp.

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Weinberger, Abby


Abby Weinberger was a member of the Southfield School Fencing Team. She is a left-handed foil fencer.

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White, Atkins, Greber

Christopher White, Trevor Atkins and Austin Greber get ready for bouting at the 2008 fencing camp.

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Yates, Daniel and Joseph

Daniel and Joseph Yates are both freshmen at Magnet High and learned to fence as youngsters 6 years ago with Andy Shaw. These brothers have additionally won awards in music and art.

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