FIE 100th Anniversary


Andy and Beth Shaw at the FIE 100th Anniversary in Paris, France

Andy was invited to the 100th anniversary party for the FIE  because of his contribution to their travelling fencing photographic exhibition since much of the visual history from 1913-1945 was destroyed during WWII.

Dîner de Gala de la FIE,  Rmn – Grand Palais

Travelling exhibition

The purpose of this celebration is to create an interesting and interactive exhibition about the development of fencing as a man against man combat and as a sport, tracing the history of fencing clubs and the foundation of the FIE; of fencing and the Olympic movement; of fencing as a marketing product, etc.

The exhibition is intended for a wide public and will be created with modern communication technologies, including audio-visual segments, 3D original exhibits or their copies, system of panels, LCD, touch displays and showcases.

The exhibition will have a compact design and will be structured in such way that it will be possible to be installed at the Senior World Championships in Budapest and Gala Dinner in Paris. In addition, two individual smaller installations will be exhibited during the competitions organized by the founding members during the Centennial year.