Fencing in Shreveport

Fencing in Shreveport

For many years, the only fencing in town was at Caddo Magnet High School under the leadership of Sharron Settlemire who founded and ran the fencing program. The Magnet Fencing Team received national attention for large numbers of skilled fencers traveling across the country each year to the U.S. Junior Olympic Fencing Championship.

The Magnet High students were known for their athletic and technical abilities as well as for their courteous and sportsmanlike behavior instilled by their families and their coach. “Miss Sett’s” retirement in 2002 set the stage for Magnet’s new fencing leader, Rob Candiloro, a former nationally ranked student of Sharron’s. Rob has many classes running through the day plus the Magnet Fencing Team. The Shreveport area is peppered with fencing graduates developed by the Caddo Magnet Fencing program.

Now Shreveport has a number of other fencing options all of them originating in one way or another from the Magnet High School fencing program. Now fencing instruction is available for adults and younger children. Shreveport even has a Fencing Pro Shop at the Sword Sports building on North Market Street. In addition to the Fairfield Avenue School of Fencing, check out these programs if you wish to learn more about fencing in Shreveport:

Caddo Magnet High School Fencing

Classes, Fencing Club, and Team
Contact: Rob Candiloro  (318) 226-1322  

Caddo Magnet Alumni Fencers and Friends   
Fencing Club
Contact: Sharron Settlemire  (318) 797-6803

Southfield School Fencing Program
Fencing Club (grades 5-8)
Fencing Exploratory Class (7th grade)
Fencing Team (grades 5-8)
Contact: Stacy Hand, School Sponsor  868-8773     

Fencing at Centenary

In 1975, 76 and 78 Lester Ewing, now Doctor Ewing – Fairfield fencer, taught fencing lessons and led a school sponsored Centenary Fencing Team. Four foil and an epee fencer traveled to New Orleans and Dallas. Centenary College had painted strips on the campus for the program.

Andy Shaw teaches fencing classes at Centenary College.
If you are interested please contact Andy.